This being my second time in Florence, I truly wanted to observe the culture in Florence. The first place we went to was The Uffizi Gallery. This is a world renown art museum that contains very famous artwork. However, as much as I wished I had a greater appreciation for the works of art I did not. I believe the reason I do not have a huge appreciation for the art in the museum is because I am not educated enough about the art to understand why these works of art are so important. Other people in the museum discussed how in the piece of art you can tell how other artist impact the art of another artist. These people could go on and on about their knowledge of the art. While to me the art was cool but there was nothing absolutely astounding to me. I believe that knowledge is the key to true appreciation of art.

While in Florence I got to see the David statue for the second time. I was just as amazed as I was the first time I saw the statue. The statues were more impressive to me because I could not wrap my mind around how someone chiseled that piece of art from a slab of rock. I can only imagine the tedious hours put into creating the statues.

I also got to experience the leather market in Florence for the second time. The treatment of the American tourist is as annoying as I remember the first time. The merchants selling the leather deliberately try to take advantage of American tourist and overprice their goods. Uneducated tourists will overpay for their goods because they are unaware that they must bargain. The merchants were too pushy. I did not like how abrasive their sales pitches were. Also the people would invade my personal space. So far my experiences with Italian men are that they are very forward. They will make comments at you while you are walking down the street. I felt like an animal that was being yelled at and stared at. I ignore their comments but this type of attention makes me uncomfortable. This also happened to me the first time I visited Italy. Italian and American culture differ in this aspect.

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